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Sebuah Hiburan Audiovisual Full HD

Sambutlah perangkat hiburan audiovisual Full HD Anda! BenQ T2210HD dilengkapi 21.5"W Full HD 16:9 LCD panel, 10000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 300 cd/m2 tingkat kecerahan dan 5ms response time. Dilengkapi pula dengan kemampuan multimedia - termasuk sebuah port DVI-D dan speaker berkualitas tinggi, Anda akan melangkah ke era baru hiburan digital!

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Now, There’s a Perfect Full HD 16:9 Monitor for Everyone.

BenQ invites you to embrace the ultimate Full HD visual enjoyment that's tailored to complement your personal lifestyle – a full lineup of Full HD 16:9 LCD monitors made to fit your room and your budget perfectly. So, indulge yourself in the world of Full HD digital entertainment – whether it's playing your newest video games, watching your favorite DVDs, or sharing with your loved ones the cherished moments caught by your HD camcorder! With the BenQ T2210HD 16:9 Full HD LCD monitor, everything is lookin' great!

Dynamic Contrast Ratio (DCR) 10000:1 Renders Even the Finest Detail.

The 10000:1 DCR technology help review even the finest detail especially in darkened and complex motion pictures, providing you with clearer, smoother image during movies and video games.

Superior Response Time

Enjoy high dynamic videos without ghosting or other artifacts with 5ms response time.

An Audiovisual Enlightenment

Whether you’re listening to music or watching your favorite film, simply turn on the speakers to experience the audiovisual fun!

Enhanced Visual Performance

The T2210HD is built with a DVI-D connector to deliver uninterrupted, strengthened signals to perfect its visual performance with premium image quality.

HDCP Support for High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection

The T2210HD is HDCP-compliant to ensure the security of all digital content played on screen. Through the HDCP technology, you can enjoy high quality digital images while playing Blu-ray DVDs or Playstation 3 games without worrying about transmission problems.

*Custom specifications may vary by model. Please refer to the specification chart to review each model in detail.

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